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Provide you with the most abundant, advanced and professional barcode solutions

Kunshan Lixin Barcode Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating development and sales, and taking cutting-edge technologies, high-quality products, excellent services as its business foundation. It is called Lxbarcode for short. Established early in 2004, Lxbarcode has a unique understanding of barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collectors, thermal transfer ribbons, electronic die-cutting and other fields.Lxbarcode is equipped with a number of professional and excellent barcode R&D and technical engineers who have over five years of project experience and can keep up with the internationally prevailing design styles and innovation concepts. When Lxbarcode began to engage in the barcode field, it unhesitatingly chose the first-class barcode suppliers such as Zebra, Honeywell and Citizen as its cooperative partners. Lxbarcode is aimed at building an enterprise brand image, achieving internationalization and realizing its commercial value.


Zebra has granted Lxbarcode authorization certificates of certified agents and elite RFID agents. Lxbarcode it is one of Zebra’s agents with a fast product sales growth. Being passionate, aggressive and full of dreams is Lxbarcode’s biggest merit recognized by Zebra.

Lxbarcode is Citizen’s partner in Jiangsu, China. It is an innovative team. Innovation is the key for an enterprise to exist for a long time. We are glad that Lxbarcode is fully aware of this, and insists on developing high-quality products and providing superior services.

Lxbarcode’s brand image is as stable and reliable Honeywell’s. The gradually rising sales volume of Lxbarcode proves its step-by-step development. We believe that Lxbarcode will keep growing in a steady and fast way. Honeywell will maintain a long-term cooperative relation with Lxbarcode.

Provide you with the most abundant, advanced and professional barcode solutions

"The business team is the pioneer of the corporate image of Kunshan Lixin Barcode Information Technology Co., Ltd. Its great passion and positive attitude have won the recognition of numerous customers.

Lxbarcode lays emphasis on the cultivation of talents, and owns an excellent R&D team. With innovation as its core concept, the R&D team is committed to the research and development of high-quality products and providing superior services.
" The production team of Lxbarcode is a team with the largest number of personnel. With the principle of quality first, all the staff of the production team are united as one, and make a great contribution to the excellent quality of Lxbarcode’s products in a diligent, dedicated, professional and rigorous work attitude.
"The customer service team plays a prominent role in the products and services of Kunshan Lixin Barcode Information Technology Co., Ltd. It has a close relationship with the business team and adheres to the service principle of “Put the customer first and treat them all the same”.


Provide you with the most abundant, advanced and professional barcode knowledge.

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